iain's biography

Iain Anderson graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh with a Bsc(Hons) in Industrial Design. The 4 year course covered a wide range of skills development, including artwork presentations and scale model builds, combined with technical and design subjects.

Iain developed an interest in computer graphics and gained a MA in Multimedia Design specialising in 3D Animation at DeMontfort University in Leicester. Based in the Image and Research Centre allowed access to SGI workstations running Alias PowerAnimator.

In 1996 Iain joined a computer games developer as a 3D artist and created animations including exploding ships and aircraft for a pc game called Battleship developed by Hasbro Interactive.

Iain joined the The Magic Camera Company based at Shepperton Studios in 1997 to work on the feature "Lost in Space. Iain worked within the 3D department as a supervising animator. And covered a wide range of involvement in projects from being on set, previz, modelling, texturing & animation etc to the final renders, and test composites.

In addition to advancing his CGI and software skills Iain had a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences in many areas of the VFX and film making processes. For example being on set, filming practical effects and photography.

Iain relocated to the larger facility of Mill Film working within their Maya / Renderman pipeline and worked on Bond 007: Die Another Day and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Iain had worked for the company for 5.5 years when it closed down.

In August 2002 Iain entered the freelance community and worked for Double Negative as a previz animator. Creating animations for a Nautilus submarine sequence for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

At the start of 2003 Iain left London returning to his routes in Scotland. Iain took a six month contract on a TV series. Working as a lighting compositor incorporating CG characters with live action & actors.

Iain took a change of direction and a full time position at Visual Science which was an independent games developer. Iain worked as a vehicle lead artist on CarmageddonTV which was a car combat videogame project. Iain was responsible for the creation of the hero vehicles and their implementation into the game pipeline. Iain took the opportunity while at visual science to develop his Maya skills and gain experience in games development. In January 2006 Iain and was made redundant and the company closed after 13 years as a developer.

In March 2003 Iain joined Codemasters as a senior artist in the high resolution team. Working on titles such as Colin McRae: DIRT creating rendered animations and stills for marketing and promotional purposes. This was a diverse role combining post production skills with knowledge of in game assets and workflow. Iain used this time to develop his skills further for example taking photoshop to a new level.
Core software used 3dsmax, brazil and photoshop.

In September 2006 Iain left Codemasters and went to work on a Heavenly Sword project at Axis Animation. Creating a variety of effects work including ground dust effects, battlefield smoke, crowd dust, atmospherics and blast rings. The Heavenly Sword project involved the production of 10 minutes (60 shots) of cut scene cinematics for this Ninja Theory / Sony PS3 Title.

In January 2007 Iain joined Super Umami which is a production studio producing animation for television and film. Iain was a core member of the production team working as a “hands on” lead artist. Iain was instrumental in setting up the studios 3D workflow and render pipeline. Also creating sets and characters for the productions, masters lighting and rendering. Projects included One Star a 29 minute 3D rendered situation comedy for the BBC and two TV series of KNTV an animated show of 10 episodes and 90 minutes CG footage.

From February to May 2009 Iain worked as a previz artist for Nvizage based at Pinewood Studios. A member of the previsualization team, working directly for a new film production of Gulliver’s Travels. This involved character, environment and prop creation, modeling, texturing and basic rigging. Blocking and animating characters, props and cameras based on storyboards, shot creation and scene layout.

In June 2009 Iain joined Cohort Studios in Dundee as a senior artist on a six month contract. Working within the art team on Shoot It a new title for Sony Computer Entertainment utilising its new PlayStation's new Move motion controller.
Creating 3d environments, vehicles and props for the games levels.
Including modeling, texturing, normal mapping, shader setup, scene layout, tech setup and lighting. Destructible sets and props were created and real world physics added with Havok.
Core software: Maya, Turtle, Photoshop, Crazybump and Zbrush.

In January 2010 Iain took a contract role as a senior artist at Ruffian Games.
Working on Microsoft's xbox360 title Crackdown 2 .
An open world multiplayer experience allowing freedom to explore, destroy, and play your way as you restore justice and peace to Pacific City.

Iain created a number of sequences including the animated Ruffian Identity Intro at the start of the game. Using a mixture of 3d animated effects passes, 2d artwork and compositing.Also designing a series of video and intro screens re-purposing characters, vehicles, environments and weaponry from the game. Also combining animation, shading, particle and 2d effects for the final results.

In May 2010 Iain returned to Cohort Studios to complete the Shoot It project.

In January 2011 Iain joined the EA Brighlights team as an environment artist on the game development of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part2.
Developing the game levels to their final stages including modelling, texturing and shading.
Lighting the locations including baked and dynamic lighting and effects. Iain continued on the project until the art sign off stage.

In the summer of 2011 Iain completed product visualization 3d models and illustrations for Breo. The artwork showed 3d illustrations of the companies new watch products. This involved the accurate 3d modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing of the concept designs provided.

In March 2012 Iain joined Microsoft in the Soho Studios office in London creating digital visual effects for Kinect Sesame Street TV, a cutting edge interactive TV project created with a combination of live action, computer generated CGI and game technology. Children experience the world of Sesame Street through visual and physical interactions with their favourite characters on an Xbox 360. As a senior artist I created computer graphics for digital environments, 2d and 3d visual effects.

Sesame Street TV was successfully released with strong reviews praising it as innovative and fun educational product. Iain has moved on to new and exciting opportunities.