movie clips

This intro animation featured in Crackdown 2 developed by Ruffian Games.
I created this with a combination of animated 3d effects passes, 2d artwork and compositing.

Download as a quicktime clip (13Mb - right click to save)
Download a mp4 version (10Mb)

"Shoot It" in-game footage running on a PlayStation PS3.
Sony's project The Shoot was developed by Cohort Studios.
It is a fun arcade style shooter for the new PlayStation move controller taking place within theme park styled movie sets.
Blast your way though fully destructible environments and characters.

I created level environment modelling and texturing.
For example the subway level including interior train, effects and lighting.
- Props, vehicles and set dressing content creation.
- Technical setup including physics destruction and dynamics for props and buildings.
- Zbrush texturing, normal maps and 3d painting.
- Problem solving and optimisation.

Download as a quicktime clip. (15Mb - right click to save)
Download a mp4 version (12Mb)
A Hot Wheels game demo running on a PlayStation PS2.
RX8 car 3d modelling and texturing.
Damage models and system, VFX creation.
Environment modelling and scene setup.

A 3d modelled and rendered Rescue Craft animation.